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Tuesday July 19th 2016

18 December 2014, Memento Mari Ensemble: "Welcome to Europe" @ La Céllule 133A, Rue Ducpetiaux, BXL

18 December 2014 @ La Céllule 133A, BXL. Memento Mari extended ensemble performance at La Céllule 133A in Brussels, 18 December 2014. It is a revised version of the "Welcome to Europe" performance in Lampedusa in September 2014.

Pat Lugo: text, reading, voice; Marco Loprieno MAL: sopranino sax, contra-alto clarinet, electronics; Guy Strale: piano, percussion; Christian Vasseur: lute, voice; Jean Demey: bass, derbouka, clarinet; Sofia Kakouri: dance; Claudia Cancellotti: violin; Macisse Vieira: balaphon, guitar; Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg: reading, voice; Laetitia Yalon: reading; Jean-Philippe Burg: video recording

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