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Wednesday July 20th 2016

2008 "à bout de souffle" series

 18 September 2008 - Gianni Mimmo: soprano sax solo + MAL tenor sax

 7 November 2008 -  The Mediterranean Way to Improvised Music @ Centre REMUA, St. Gilles BXL

 1st set: Chefa Alonso (soprano sax), Javier Carmona (drums), Marco Loprieno (baritone sax, tuba)

 2nd set: different combinations with Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg (voice) and Marjolaine Charbin (piano) and others

13 December 2008 -  A bout de souffle 3 - Econom Duo :  Jacques Fauville + Ismaël Colombani, voix et electronique + MAL , Improvisation/ composition/ et structuration en temps réel

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